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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was once the Assistant Secretary to the Treasury under President Regan. Today, he is working to warn people of the financial, political and social catastrophes on the horizon.  Know as the "Father of Reganomics", Dr. Roberts is not only a genius, he is also one very good reason why you should familiarize yourself with all of the subject matter featured on this website. Dr. Roberts is not anti-establishment, he IS the establishment but unlike  he too is "mad as hell". So you think this website is some conspiracy theory? Well think again !  This is one of the establishment's very own and he has come forward of late to write some of the most radical anti-establishment letters we have ever seen. Like Pat Buchanan (on the right) or Gore Vidal (on the left), Roberts understands that is not a left wing or right wing argument. This is an "US" against "THEM" type argument.  We are in danger people and when brilliant, "company" men like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts start to speak out against the government, well it means it is time to listen.

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